The Story Brand Experience

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Why StoryBrand?

  • It’s words that sell
  • Having a website that actually sells your product
  • Creating a funnel that brings people in
  • The framework to how things are positioned on your page – there is a science to it
  • Not having people just bounce from your site
  • not wasting your money on marketing

The Story Brand Experience

Do you struggle communicating the importance of your product? Are you watching customers going to your competitors rather than to you for their solution? If so, StoryBrand is a powerful tool  that uses story to communicate the importance of your product. Moving beyond pretty pictures and words, StoryBrand equips you with the words you need to sell your product. By using StoryBrand on your website, you make it clear what you offer and let your customer know exactly how to do business with you. Ultimately? You close more deals and make more sales.

In today’s post, you will discover how to effectively use StoryBrand on your website. You’ll learn practically how to use StoryBrand. As well as how it will strategically take your company to greater success in the business world.

How StoryBrand Can Help Your Company

One of the most important aspects of your business is having a website. At a minimum, your website can be a powerful tool to communicate your product to future customers and ultimately increase your sales. Sadly, people too often waste  money on websites that don’t actually work. In the end, they spend money, time, and energy on something that doesn’t grow their  business or increase company sales. To have a winning website, you need a website that clearly communicates to your customer their problem and your ability to help them.

People are interested in a product only after they see it solving a problem they are experiencing. If someone doesn’t know they have a problem, they won’t be looking for a solution. Therefore, the first thing to do is to identify the problem your customer is feeling.

Next, show them how your business and product can solve their problem. Paint a clear picture on how your business will take them to a greater level of success. By first revealing your customer’s problem then following up with a solution, you’re setting yourself up to really draw your customer in.

While pretty pictures and attractive websites are fun to look at, it’s clear messaging that really matters when converting visitors into customers. In fact, clear messaging is a foundation  to the success of your business. When you define what people want, then mention their problems over and over again, you’re laying a foundation for earning their business.

Along with repeating your customer’s problem, you also need to repeat the solution multiple times. How will you solve your customer’s problem? What does it look like for your customer to do business with you? How are you going to make their life so much better?

Continually repeating the problem and solution to your customer is  a powerful way to persuade them to do business with you.  By casting a vision for how your product will positively impact your customer, you’ll notice  a dramatic positive impact on business sales.

Lastly, you’ll want to consider how you are positioning yourself to your customers. Are you the hero, making everything about yourself and your company? Or are you positioned as a guide, ready to lead your customer to success? It can be tempting to want to place yourself as the hero of the story. However, if you want to win, you need to position yourself as the guide. As the guide, you’ll  want  to show empathy to your customer and the problem they are experiencing. But if you only show empathy towards your customers, they’ll ultimately be left feeling discouraged. So take the next step and actually demonstrate competence in helping your customer solve his/her problem.

Enjoy the Benefits of StoryBrand on YOUR Website

Nobody likes failure. We all want to win. So yes, through StoryBrand, we make it crystal clear how your customer will indeed avoid failure when they do business with you. On the flip side, we’ll also help you communicate what your customers will lose if they choose not to use your product. Using crystal clear language, we’ll show your customer both the positive impact of using your product, as well as the negative impact of choosing not to use it.

Which brings us to another Storybrand aspect. Moving beyond wanting to avoid failure, we’ll use words to also paint who your customer will become when using your product. How will your product help them succeed and become a better person? Remember, people are looking for ways to become more successful. You need to clearly articulate how you will  help them do just that.

Which brings us to creating a plan. People are more likely to trust you when you have a plan. The result? Create a clear plan for your customer to follow that ultimately ends in success. Three things to keep in mind when formatting your website are:

  1. Avoid confusing your customers (otherwise you’ll probably lose them!)
  2. Keep with a simple and clear plan that is attainable.
  3. Stick with three steps that are clear, understandable, and attainable.

Your goal in giving your customer a plan is to avoid all confusion or hesitancy in working with you. If you don’t give them a clear path forward, they won’t engage. On the contrary, if you communicate clearly and with confidence, you’ll increase the likelihood of doing business with your customers

Ultimately, your website serves as a funnel that attracts and draws people into doing business with you. As a result, it is important that your website communicates through both words and images your ability to help your customer.

Benefits from using StoryBrand?

By using StoryBrand principles on your website, you create a space where your customers quickly and easily learn about your product rather than just bouncing from your site and on to another. You can stop wasting money on marketing that doesn’t sell while landing a website that converts people into lasting customers.

Start using the StoryBrand framework today!

So to wrap it all up, remember people love a happy ending! They want a positive experience that encourages them towards greater success. So make it crystal clear how your customer will win when they do business with you. Give your customer a clear vision of what their life will look like after getting your product. And always, provide  a clear path forward.

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Written by: Alisha Stoltzfus

As the Editor in Chief, Anna Lengacher helps business owners grow their business by writing blog posts with actionable tutorials & tips.